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Claim Your Featured Listing

We are happy to announce the our new low cost “featured listings” option.

Do not worry, this does not go against our FREE listings for live promise.

Anyone can still create a free listing for life and you can continue to edit existing free listings.

However should you wish to have your listing at the top of the global or national listings then we can now offer you the featured listing.

Our Featured Listings are only £10 for 30 days (one month) and will put a maximum of 3 clubs, venues, events or shows at the top of our global and national listings.


Updates & News

How to claim an existing unclaimed listing

Has someone else already listed your business on the directory? Yes… then you should buy them a drink or send them a present.

But for you to be able to edit the listing, all you need to do is visit the listing and click the “Claim this Listing” button.

If you have not already registered, simply enter a username and password and you will be redirected to the claimed page. You will receive an email a few minutes later which includes a password for when you need to update your listing next time.

If you already have registered, after clicking the “Claim this listing” button simply press login, enter your username and password and you will be redirected to your dashboard.

When you login next time you will be directed to a page titled “your profile”. This is not your listing, these are your contact details for us. Please make sure these are up to date.

To access your listing once logged in click on “Directory Dashboard” at the top of the page and then you can select your listing or listings to edit from this page.

If you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

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How To List Your Lap Dancing or Strip Club

To create you free listing for your Club, Business, Event or Venue simply follow these simple instructions.

Click on “create a listing” on the main menu on our website, then choose between either “proceed without registration” or register and create a listing.

If you proceed without registering you can create a brilliant listing but cannot come back and edit the listing afterwards without contacting our support team.

However you can edit your listing as many times as you want if you register.

To register and create a listing, enter the username you want and email address on the “create a listing page”, then press submit.

Your dashboard will then appear. From here you can create as many listings as you want.

Remember every listing can have unlimited pictures, videos, social media links, descriptions, event details and much more, as a registered member you can create multiple listings for multiple venues or locations.

You will receive your password via email after your listing has been submitted to allow you to log back in and edit the listing, or add more listings at any time.

All of this is entirely free.

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About Us & Our Directories

We have grown over the last 3 months (dated  May 2015) to 7 directory websites covering a number of adult niches, on a global scale. With thousands of followers on Twitter, Facebook and hundreds of visitors daily on each website, the directories are the perfect place to FREELY list your business, club, services or vacancies.

Escorts & Courtesan Directory

Professional Dominatrix Directory

Professional Submissive Directory

Sex Parties, Orgies & Swingers Clubs Directory

Fetish Dungeon Directory

Find Adult Work (Jobs)

Lap Dancing & Strip Club Directory

Updates & News

Find A Strip or Lap Dancing Club For Your Stag, Hen, Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties & Events

If you are looking for the one stop shop for a hen do or a stag do — we have got you covered.  Any strip club that you might want to go to for your special hen or stag event should be exactly what you are looking for.  From having special events planned just for you or giving the special hen or stag in your life a special “present,” there are plenty of options for your party planning that should have you covered when you need it.  Planning the perfect party, especially when out of town, can be tough, but luckily we are available to plan your hen or stag do for you!

A hen party can be a lot of fun to plan — but first, you need to find the right strip club.  From there, you can plan your hen party to have the best theme for you, from pretty in pink, wild and crazy and so much more.  Any strip club, from one with women or hopefully all men, can be ready for your event and prepare you to have the craziest night of your life!  Ladies can have the time of their life at their upcoming hen party — that every lady must go through as initiation — and get unlimited drinks and a fun time at a local strip club to you!  You will have the biggest blast even at a strip club with other ladies on the poles, trust us!

When it comes to stag parties, nothing can compete with our selection of top notch strip clubs that can do everything to tickle your fancy.  Bring out all your best mates and buddies and have a grand adventure exploring local strip clubs — or stay at just one that is the best for your stag party.  All the people in your group can have something to do — get crazy and have a blast!  Everything from the best tables, seats, and drinks will be available to you — oh yes, and do not forget the hot men and women strippers that are there to fulfill your wildest fantasies!

Updates & News

Find A Strip Club For Your Corporate Event or Party

inding a strip club for a more “upper class” event can often be tough because there are just way too many strip clubs that are dingy and sometimes downright disgusting.  Luckily, you can come to us to find an upper class strip club for all of your parties, events, meetings and more.  There are plenty of options for your strip club needs and we can also be discrete and yet very informative in finding the right fit for you.  First, you can let us know exactly what you are looking for, how many guests and other important details, and we will match you up with the best strip club in the biz that will guarantee to wow and impress all of your guests.

Any strip club can host your party, but why not find one that has worked with us in the past and is guaranteed to bring your party to life?  We do not sign up with any old strip clubs that might end up leaving your guests bored and not entertained.  We promise to liven up your parties and have your guests dancing and having a blast with some of the best strippers in town.  Don’t worry about securing all the details of your next stripper party — just contact us and we will find the perfect upper class strip club for any event that you need.  When it comes to showing off to others, we know how to get the job done right — all of our strippers are classy as they come — and you will expect nothing but high heels and sexy outfits from all of them for your special occasion — or perhaps no outfits at all!

Don’t look just anywhere for your classy strip club party — contact us for the best deals and rates on setting your party off on the right foot with some of the best stripper talent in town.  You will be very happy that you chose us for everything from your hen, stag, corporate event, birthday, graduation — you name it.  We have the resources that you need to make your next stripper party a huge success.  Don’t wait any longer and book your upcoming upper class stripper club party today!